Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Purpose-Driven Rapper Crosses the Line to Blasphemy

Friends, we too have watched the Purpose Driven Rap Video - and like many others who are utterly appauled that Rick Warren would go to this end to promote his Purpose Driven program, we wonder why? Simply WHY? This video is not only carnal, it dishonors the name of God.

Watch the Minus Media Rap Video for Rick Warren's 2006 Purpose Driven Worship Conference

Below are a few comments on the subject from Ingrid Schlueter at Slice of Laodicea [news and commentary on the contemporary church]


Purpose-Driven Rapper Crosses the Line to Blasphemy
By Ingrid Schlueter

Reverence in church is in short supply these days. Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas is featuring a Laugh the Night Away event and they're selling tickets to the community. The church of Jesus Christ is no longer interested in all night prayer meetings. All night laugh-ins, however, are big. On Sunday mornings things are little better. The idea of God's awe and transcendence or the idea that our God is a consuming fire, (that's the Bible speaking, not me) is a pretty outdated concept now. Evangelical churches don't have chancels or sanctuaries any longer, they have stages and auditoriums. Rather than worship being viewed as a command performance for one consumer, the Lord of Hosts, worship is now about the adoration of our own bellies, our own preferences and our own adulation. Perhaps this explains a short, three minute rap video that was produced by Minus Media for Rick Warren's 2006 Purpose Driven Worship Conference. Watching it, it is evident that we have entered a new zone in sacrilege within evangelicalism. We are now openly featuring blasphemous mockery in Christ's name and the church is so blinded by disobedience and idolatry that Christians are posting this rap video on their web logs to share with friends. We should be on our faces.

The sneering, mocking expressions and tones of voice in this video have to be witnessed to be understood for what they are. By his speech and manner, the rapper takes the name of the Holy Son of God in vain, but the video contains something more. ...
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