Thursday, August 31, 2006

Largest Hindu Temple in Europe is Opening in the West Midlands

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India has come to the U.K. The following news item below this commentary note is from the BBC News on Wednesday 23, August 2006. If you have ever been to India you will know that the temples there can be very large; very, very large. But this new temple, here in the United Kingdom, is the biggest one in Europe.

Britain has become so open to religious diversity that its own post-Christian population has accepted everything from multi-million dollar Hindu temples to U.K. borm and bred Islamic jihadists to hundreds of cultic and abusive religious groups. Freedom of religion mixed with foreign belief systems transforming society have transformed Britain into a melting pot of religious diversity. Even "Christin-Yoga", the ultimate oxymoron, has become a bright new ornament on the face of a compromised Christianity. Christian-Yoga is just the fruit of Hindu evangelism into Western churches. Hinduism in Britain is here to stay.

Read what one of the founders of this new temple in the West Midlands has to say:

"One of the founders, Dr K Somasundara Rajah, said he remembered the idea from the mid-1970s...He said: "We used to have the use of another temple but then the congregation got bigger and in 1974 some of our group thought we should get our own temple. We said we should build a replica of the Tarupati Temple in South India."

This "temple is one of the most sacred sites in the Hindu world and has a distinctive architecture that has been followed in the West Midlands."

"The group spent more than two decades trying to get funding and finding a suitable site for the replica."

Stating these things is not a matter of trying to belittle people and take away a persons individual right to worship as their conscience dictates, but it is a sober reminder that the British culture is being converted and quickly transformed into all manner of spirituality. The Biblical gospel of Jesus Christ is no longer a desire for most British folks and as a result, the multi-faithism of Britain is changing the nation itself.

Many liberal preachers and teachers, as well as the general population, have neglected and outright reject the Biblical gospel and Biblical truth. The inter-faith acceptance and worship of anything and everything has become the norm. Now...chaos is following. This, is exactly what is happening in the U.K. This is the fruit of national apostasy as the once Bible preaching Britain has now become an Inter-faith melting pot of liberal ecumenism and the worship of everything.

The following article is illustrative of the changing of the gaurd. That is, casting off the Biblical injuntion to guard "the faith which was once for all entrusted to the saints" (Jude 3-4) and embracing Eastern mystical religions that are changing our times and cultural and erasing once and for all a nations Biblical worldview.


Opening For Biggest Hindu Temple
Wednesday, 23 August 2006, 00:13 GMT 01:13 UK

In pictures: Tividale temple

The largest Hindu temple in Europe is opening in the West Midlands with a five-day religious festival.

From Wednesday priests are to perform a number of rituals to sanctify the £6.5m Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple of the UK in Tividale.

During five days more than 10,000 devotees are expected to visit the site, with most due at the weekend.

The temple's design is based on one of the holiest sites in the Hindu world, the Tirupati-Tirumala Temple in India.

Scores of sculptors and artisans from India have worked on the intricate carvings that cover the walls, ceilings, pillars and roof of the temple.

This is the fulfilment of a long cherished dream,
Dr VP Narayan Rao, Trustees chairman
Temple rose from small idea

Bimal Kishna Das, the secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples (UK), said: "This is great news for the Hindu British community.

"The opening of this great temple will be a wonderful addition to the multi-religious society of Britain, especially in the West Midlands."
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Opening for biggest Hindu temple
The largest Hindu temple in Europe is opening in the West Midlands with a five-day religious festival.

Temple rose from small beginnings
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In pictures: Tividale's temple

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