Friday, August 11, 2006

Steven Curtis Chapman Performs at Roman Catholic Forum

Dear friends,

Several hundred years ago, there were a whole handful of reformers who were burnded alive just a short distance from my house - here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I wonder if the popular Christians musicians of today have any idea just what the Roman Catholic Church is all about. Rome never changes and those who believe in Biblical justfication are still condemned by the Roman Catholic Church. If we were not in the 21st century we too would be burned at the stake. Who knows, maybe we will be?

The question is, who is Steven Curtis Chapman in favor of, the Biblical Jesus and Bibilcal salvation, or the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Catholic salvation?

You can't have both and call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ. Only Biblical salvation will get a person to heaven!




(Friday Church News Notes, August 11, 2006,

- Contemporary Christian musician Stephen Curtis Chapman performed on August 6 at the Roman Catholic youth Fest in Cleveland, Ohio. The Fest, which is in its sixth year, featured a Catholic Mass performed by Bishop Anthony Pilla and the practice of auricular confession to priests.

In an interview before his performance, Chapman said that it is a good thing that the Catholic Church is showing a greater openness to contemporary Christian music.

He said young people tune out preaching but they will listen to music ("Catholics by the Thousands Rock to Christian Tunes," Cleveland Plain Dealer, August 07, 2006).

In typical CCM fashion, Chapman, by his actions, proves that he cares nothing about sound doctrine and repudiates the practice of biblical separation from error (e.g., Rom. 16:17-18; 2 Tim. 3:5).