Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Top Stories of 2006

The Top Stories of 2006

December 27 - The Top Stories of 2006
by Jan Markell at Olive Tree Ministries

You may not read about some of these stories. They are not obscure, just overlooked and to many, not noteworthy. However, I consider them to be some of the most significant stories of 2006.

  • Israel lost a war last summer, with Hezbollah, proving she has the worst government in her 58 year history.

  • Mike Wallace said that Iran's Ahmadinejad is a man we can do business with and is really quite likable. The Left is deluded that such a "messianic menace" as Ahmadinejad has good traits when he wants to destroy parts of the free world including America and Israel.

  • My home state's Sen. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is the first Muslim to get elected to high office. He will take his oath on the Koran. He is a pawn of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an organization in America to make all Muslims look good.

  • Christian censorship of the truth happened as Hal Lindsey and Zola Levitt Ministries were let go by Trinity Broadcasting Network for their pro-Israel stance and perceived lack of tolerance for Islam.

  • The "Emergent Church" went from obscurity to prominence and is called "evangelical" by those who should know better. Emergent denies many of the essentials of the faith and relies on the touchy-feely gospel with candles, incense, and even rosary beads for Protestants. They consider homosexuals "Christians" if they claim to be...........................

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