Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WARNING: Dan Kimball - A Christian Witch Agrees With Him

WARNING: Dan Kimball - A Christian Witch Agrees With Him

This article or excerpt is from Lighthouse Trails.

Yesterday, we addressed Rick Warren's e-newsletter, which had an article by emerging church leader Dan Kimball. Below is an article just sent to us that shows how a "Christian" witch is describing the same spirituality that Kimball describes in his article. The article below links to a website that should not be read by children because of its occultic nature. However, we believe parents need to read this to better understand the true nature of contemplative and emerging spiritualities that have entered the church and will most likely affect your family at some point. While tens of thousands of teenagers will be at Sunday School this morning, we fear that many will be receiving a hearty dose of New Age/occultic spirituality, under the guise of Christian terminology:

Rick Warren Comes Out of the Closet
by Jocelyn Andersen

Included in Rick Warren's Ministry Tool Box (an email pastor's resource sent to multiplied thousands of ministers each week) is an article by Dan Kimball, pastor of Vintage Faith Church, which contains a basic outline for beginning practitioners of Christian Witchery.

Of course Dan doesn't exactly call it by that name. However, Miss Rawna Moon, Christian Witch and Web Mistress has no problem at all with calling a spade a spade. And point for point she is in agreement with Kimball on the essential steps to successfully practicing Christian Witchery.

Sacred Space
Dan instructs his readers to attend to "the notion of sacred space."

Isn't it interesting that Miss Rawna Moon does the same thing when she instructs beginners in Christian Witchery that the first thing they need to do is get a sacred space and, "Always keep before you that what you are doing here is not using the sacred space as a thing, but relating to it as fellow creatures of the Creating One and so your brothers and sisters. Try to let this place be a place where you let go of the modernistic idea of humanity above and separate from nature. Instead realize that you are part of this place and you are not above it or more important than it. Begin to learn how to listen to it as your teacher." ...

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