Monday, January 08, 2007

The PZ Insider Report – The Coming Extremists

The PZ Insider Report – The Coming Extremists
by Ray Gano
Monday , January 8, 2007

This is the year were we as solid bible believing Christians are going to start seeing the intolerance grow towards us more and more. Can you guess where the majority of these attacks will come from? The mainstream churches.

One of the most surprising predictions was made several decades ago by one of my favorite pastors, J Vernon McGee. He predicted that true believers – even here in America - will eventually have to go “underground.” But he also added…

“The attacks against them will come from the denominational churches” (1)

I agree with this whole heartedly. Look at the atmosphere being created in the world today. Anyone who takes a stand on the scripture is branded an extremist and radical fundamentalist. There is also a horrifyingly fact, this is being accepted and taught by the mainstream churches today.

The battle against extremism is being waged; we are in the pot of boiling water slowly being turned up.

Here is how “they” define extremism.

“Defining Extremism

“Extremism is a complex phenomenon, although its complexity is often hard to see. Most simply, it can be defined as activities (beliefs, attitudes, feelings, actions, strategies) of a person or group far removed from the ordinary.” (2)

In their article The Discernment Research Group states the following.

“Particularly note that those who hold end-time eschatological views are considered to be “extremists.” Note also that “extremists” are considered to be mentally ill:” (3)

There are not very many things that cause me to get shivers down my spine. In fact, very few articles cause this effect in me. Recently I was given an article written by The Discernment Research Group titled “A Back-Channel for P.E.A.C.E”

This article sent chills down my spine big time and I have included it in this issue of The PZ Insider Report.

Folks, if you do not read any other articles in this issue, read this one.

I am pleased to present the following articles in this issue of The PZ Insider Report.
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A Back-Channel for P.E.A.C.E. - By The Discernment Research Group
This is a new year with new adventures. Please keep us in your prayers. Prophezine is on the forefront of the battle beginning to being waged.

In His Service,
Ray & Tracye GanoProphezine

1- Prophecy 20/20 – Profiling the future though the lens of Scripture – By Dr. Chuck Missler. Pg 224