Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Astrological Signs - On E-Blogger???

Hey if you are signing up to 'E-Blogger'... and you don't want to join hands with the online Tower of Babel by representing 'astrology'- meaning, you don't want the 'astrological' signs of the zodiac next to your name [cancer, pisces, monkey, fish, etc.] , all you need to do is KEEP YOUR BIRTHDATE OUT OF YOUR e-Blogger 'Profile'.

Here are a few websites for discernment info on anything related to Astrology, the Occult, New Age, etc. Just type into the search engine what you are researching...

John Ankerberg Theological Research Institute (ATRI) - John Ankerberg/John Weldon

Christian Answer's For The New Age (CANA) - Marcia Montenegro

Exposing Satan's Power (ESP) - Ben Alexander

Spiritual Research Network - Edinburgh (SRN) - Chris Lawson
see the 'network page'...just a few clicks into the site

P.S. We are not allowing comments to be posted on this e-blog due to the vile nature of some e-mail responses we have had toward Christians in general.