Monday, August 15, 2005

Discernment Tool Kit - Book

Discernment Tool Kit

Have you ever been led astray from Christ?
Have you ever been spiritually abused?
Have you ever been 'tossed to and fro' by false teaching?

Do you know what you believe?
Do you know what false teachers are foisting upon the church?
Do you know how to make a right judgment when it comes to the Bible?

Here is a great book that we highly recommend to everyone out there.

Discernment Tool Kit
by Sandy Simpson

Table of Contents includes:

1. Judge Rightly
2. Demolish Arguments
3. Know What You Believe
4. Know What They Believe
5. Define The Terms
6. Protect Your Church
7. Avoid False Unity
8. Get The Leaven Out
9. Be A Humble Servant
10. Worship God As Sovereign
11. Preach The Real Gospel
12. Pray In The Spirit
13. Be Wary Of The Doctrines Of Men
14. Don't Follow Their Example
15. Test Everything
16. Don't Shipwreck Your Faith
17. Look For The Fruit
18. Obey The Lord

Deception In The Church

Go there to see whatever you need for church discernment - don't let the false teachers rip you off any longer.

See also Apologetics Coordination Team for information on how to book a speaker to speak at your church or conference.