Tuesday, November 15, 2005

UFO's - War of the Worlds

UFO illustration from The Harpazo Network
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A 1996 Gallup poll claimed that over 70 percent of the population believed that the government knew more about UFOs than it was letting on. This was also borne out in the Readers Digest polls, which stated that over three quarters of respondents thought UFOs were from outer space and that there has been some type of government cover-up.

Peoples' belief in such conspiracy theories, views on alien life, the big bang and evolutionary ideas in general, are being shaped more and more by the popular media. In an age where people are reading less and less, they are getting their information about scientific 'facts' continually embellished in a cloud of associated 'entertainment fiction', such as modern science fiction. It's important to be aware of the forces influencing our modern culture, undermining the biblical worldview in many subtle ways.

Christians and their families need to be equipped with solid answers and evidences as never before. The truth really is 'out there' -- though it's not what most people think!

We fully agree that Christians need to be equipped with answers! Here are a few resources.

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