Wednesday, November 30, 2005

UK Surrenders to Gay Marriage?

UK Surrenders to Gay Marriage?
............"Civil Partnerships"?

The following is not meant to be a 'gay bashing' article.

Although we have personal acquaintances that prefer the "gay" lifestyle, we do not agree with 'what they do'. We still treat them like human beings and we do not set out against them to 'bash gays'. We treat all of our friends and neighbors with grace and love but we also warn them about the hazards of immorality.

Many homosexuals are actually very nice people. But does that make this lifestyle right? What about subjecting an entire nation to new laws that are totally contrary to that nations established morals and ethics? Is that a good thing to do, to reject the moral and ethical foundations of the nation? And it is right to reject the historical testimony of 20+ civilizations started their demise in the same manner?

The past 5,000 years of history reveals that God has not ‘opened the door’ to the gay lifestyle, but rather, He has ‘closed the door’ on homosexual-oriented cultures. History records at least 20 major civilizations that have endorsed and practiced widespread same sex relations, witchcraft and killing children. The killing children was in the name of religion of course [paganism] but today peple do it in the name of 'convenience' and 'family planning'.

For those of you who get mad at this, please know that my heart breaks for all those who would have beautiful children today... had it not been for them being deceived by the culture and education system teaching them that babies are not people.

When the following three things are commonplace in a nation…the entire collapse of the nation is at hand.
  1. Killing children [in our day ‘abortion’; and soon to be legalized Euthanasia]
  2. Practicing witchcraft [and occultism, spiritism, shamanism, etc.]
  3. Tolerating and endorsing homosexuality [same-sex marriages, gay clergy, pedophilia, etc].

“A case in point is Canaan, which we now call Palestine. According to Deuteronomy 18:10 the Canaanites were killing babies, were into divination (fortune telling), Astrology, casting spells, drugs, witchcraft, and calling up the dead.”

Has God not made it clear that He hates these things? Why? Because they destroy human beings and entire civilizations!

Jesus came to set people free from these things, not endorse and make them into national liberty’s and new laws in the name of ‘social expression’, ‘freedom’ and ‘human rights’.

When we kill our children, practice demonic religion, and glorify ‘Civil Partnerships’ by endorsing the burning passions of lusting for homosexuality activity, is God wrong to deal with it? Truly mankind has “exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” (Romans 1).

God hates these things and has made it clear that He wants to save humans from these things. “ I am the way the truth and the life, NO ONE ENTERS INTO HEAVEN EXCEPT THOUGH ME”. (John 14:1-7) "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not persih but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

God has also made it clear that those who practiced these things will not enter into Heaven. I believe that the United Kingdom and America are closing the doors to God’s blessing on these nations. Western civilization is falling apart, these are the root causes, and mankind is not repenting.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.” (1 Samuel 15:23)

In this case nations are in rebellion!
The following article about the United Kingdom’s “Civil Partnerships” was posted in the Forgotten Word Ministries E-Letter. ( )

"Another sign that it cannot be long before the Lord Jesus returns has been announced in England.

The path towards full legal equality for gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the UK started in the 1960s with the decriminalization of same-sex sexual behavior. It will be largely completed by the end of 2005 when same-sex loving, committed couples will be able to enter into civil partnerships. These are virtually indistinguishable from opposite-sex marriages, but are called by another name in order to avoid offending those who feel that marriage should be a special right for opposite-sex couples.

There were two bills proposed during Parliament's 2001-2002 session that would have given limited recognitions to same-sex couples:

Jane Griffiths introduced her Relationships (Civil Registration) Bill to the House of Commons on 2001-OCT-24. It would have registered same-sex or opposite-sex relationships between two people who were cohabiting. It did not proceed. Lord Lester introduced his Civil Partnerships Bill to the House of Lords on 2002-JAN-09. It would have recognized "civil partnerships" between cohabiting couples. He decided to not proceed with the bill after the government promised to study the matter. The British Broadcasting Corporation reported on 2003-JUN-30 that the British government had issued a consultation paper on same-sex relationships. It is titled "Civil Partnership - A framework for the legal recognition of same sex couples." The article described plans to create a system of "civil partnerships" for gays and lesbians that would parallel the existing system of heterosexual marriages. It would be called a Civil Partnership Registration Scheme.

All three main British political parties: Conservative, Liberal Democrats and Labour were in general agreement with this proposal.

During the Queen's Speech on 2003-NOV-26, the government announced its intention to introduce a Civil Partnership bill .

The Civil Partnership Bill:
  • Will cover only same-sex couples. The Government decided that since co-habiting opposite-sex couples had the option of marrying, they would not be allowed to form civil partnerships.
  • Was preceded by a government consultation paper "Civil Partnership: A framework for the legal recognition of same sex couples" in 2003-JUN.
  • Was introduced to the House of Lords by the government on 2004-MAR-30 as Bill 53 of the 2003-2004 session.
  • Was enlarged by the House of Lords to include close relatives and caregivers, whether same-sex or opposite-sex, who are both over the age of 30 and have been living together continually for over 12 years.
  • Baroness Scotland of Asthal noted that this amendment would allow a woman to form a partnership with her grandfather; she would have her own mother as a step-daughter! This amendment was overturned later by the House of Commons.
  • Was passed by the House of Lords in its third reading on 2004-JUL-01.
  • Had its first reading in the House of Commons on 2004-JUL-05 as Bill 132 of the 2003-2004 session.
  • Passed its second reading on 2004-OCT-12 by a vote of 426 to 49.
  • Passed its third and final reading on 2004-NOV-09., in spite of a wrecking attempt by some Conservative backbenchers.
  • Was approved by the House of Lords on 2004-NOV-17 by a vote of 251 to 136 in spite of still another last-minute wrecking attempt.
  • Received Royal Assent on 2004-NOV-18.
  • Will go into force on 2005-DEC-05, according to a government announcement on 2005-FEB-21.
  • Covers all of the United Kingdom. However, there are minor procedural differences to civil partnerships in Northern Ireland and Scotland because of their unique legal systems.
There will be a 15 day "cooling-off" period before couples can be "Civil Partnershipped."

According to the Government News Network, same-sex couples can partnership on 2005-DEC-21, in time for the Winter Solstice and Christmas. The UK will become the tenth European Union country to permit same-sex couples to either enter into conventional marriages or civil unions with similar or equivalent privileges.

The media in the UK seems to have largely dropped the term "civil partnerships" and adopted the terms "to wed," "wedding" "pink wedding," and "gay wedding." "