Saturday, November 05, 2005

Word Faith Heresy Audio Clips

Word Faith Movement On Cults

We recently found this link and a handful of others that deal with the Word Faith Heresy online audio clips. The following is from BibleFacts.Org. Sometimes the server goes down so if you cannot get link make sure to try it again.

"The Word faith Movement started out by denying God is sovereign in healing only whom he wills. (See James 4:14-16) If you were not healed you were lacking in faith or did not have the right formula. This lead to the prosperity gospel. With the right formula you can be guaranteed health & wealth. This lead to commanding God to do these things, instead of asking. Then faith was redefined as no longer trusting in God, but it was a magic force you could tap into. (We no longer need God, we do it ourselves.) This lead to the teaching that through this power of faith we can become little gods. This lead to the heresy that Jesus was transformed in to a demon possessed mortal in hell so we can be transformed into Gods on earth. Finally this broke out into numerous myths and false teachings. "

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Presented here are audio clips of various word faith teachers and their false doctrines.


Here is a sample:

Christians evolve into gods:
Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Hagin
Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn
John Avanzini and Morris Cerullo
Paul Crouch

Jesus may not be God:
Paul Crouch and Kenneth Copeland

Redefining the Trinity:
(If Benny Hinn really repented he would not keep selling his books about this heresy).
Benny Hinn 9 of them
Benny Hinn Father has a Body (Crouch - Trinity unimportant)

Denying the Trinity:
William Branham
Joseph Good

Comments about William Branham:
Benny Hinn