Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hal Lindsey Against Islam...Loves TBN

Click here to read our previous blog about Hal Lindsey's affiliation with TBN.

Click here to read the Prophecy Update page dated on...December 1, 2005. Here you will see Hal Lindsey's prayer request to help stand against militant Islam which we agree with...but then he gives TBN a glowing endorsement. [At this link you will need to scroll down about half of the Update. You will see the title - **URGENT PERSONAL MESSAGE from Hal Lindsey** ] and then near the bottom of Hal's message he speaks of his affiliation with TBN.

This is the link at Prophecy update:
Prophecy Update - The Islamic Threat To Israel (Part 2) - 12/1/05 Dec 01 2005 05:08PM