Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mother Teresa The Final Verdict

Mother Teresa The Final Verdict

This is not going to be politically correct to post this about Mother Teresa but we believe more people need to.

We have not posted this here to promote Mother Teresa, but rather to give a warning about some of the activities that researcher and writer of Mother Teresa The Final Verdict has documented.

Author Aroup Chatterjeebe, who is apparently a non-Christian and does not seem to have a bone to pick with religion, has uncovered some things that the world needs to know about.

Mr. Chatterjeebe, a native of Calcutta, has done the world a service by exposing some major problems with Mother Teresa's 'ministry' and 'orphanage' in Calcutta. The book tells the story as have BBC documentaries in the past and Christian discernment ministries. Before launching an attack against us for posting this, maybe purchase the book and read it. OR, you can read the mass of links on the internet about Mother Teresa's 'New Age - Syncretisitc - All Roads lead to God' teachings that can be found in her books.

From Meteor Books:

The following is a small excerpt from the Introduction to

Mother Teresa The Final Verdict by Aroup Chatterjee (also at

Mr Chatterjee writes,

"...After two years of trying, when I failed to elicit any response from her or her order, I contacted her official biographers to ask whether they would answer some of the serious question marks hanging over her operations. All of them, bar one, replied, but only to turn me down. All of this happened while Mother Teresa was alive.

Many people tell me that Mother Teresa should be left alone because she did 'something' for the underprivileged. I do not deny that she did. However her reputation, which was to a good extent carefully built up by herself, was not on a 'something' scale. More importantly, that 'something', at least in Calcutta, was quite little, as my book will show. Even more importantly, she had turned away many many more than she had helped - although she had claimed throughout her life that she was doing everything for everybody. My brief against her is not that she did not address the root or causes of suffering and I am not for a moment suggesting that she ought to have done so, as I understand the particular religious tradition she came from - I am saying that there was a stupendous discrepancy between her image and her work, between her words and her deeds; that she, helped by others of course, engaged in a culture of deception.

On a superficial level, I need to tell the truth about Teresa because I feel humiliated to be associated with a place that is wrongly imagined to exist on Western charity. Perhaps the main reason why I want to tell this story is because, I believe, each of us has a duty to stand up and protest when history is in danger of being distorted. In a few years' time Mother Teresa will be up there, glittering in the same galaxy as Mozart and Leonardo.

I wish to convey my thanks to the some of the world's most powerful publishing firms who put up obstacle after obstacle in the path of this book. Indeed, the British arm of a multinational publishing house signed me up and then cancelled the contract nine months later by sending me a half-page fax. My resolve to get the book published grew all the more stronger by such obstacles..."

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