Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Weeping for this world"

I purchased this original 1754 King James Version Bible for £1.00 (about $1.75) in a small antique store in Central Scotland. The Runcie family read it and read it and read it. They passed it on from generation to the next, to the next. If only Christians today would read their Bible the way these folks did! This family knew the value of God's Word and lived each day appreciating that God gave it to them. The modernists, liberal theologians and post-modern 'seeker sensitive' preachers of today seem to know nothing of the value of God's Word, for if they did, maybe their Bibles would look like this too.

Let us weep for the people of this world that mock the Word of God and the God of the Word.

"Weeping for this world"
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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hare Krishna Delusion

Many Are Being Deceived

As of late, we still run into many people who are involved in cultic groups here in Edinburgh.

Photo from Bhaktivedanta freephoto

The 'religious' leaders of these spiritually abusive cult groups are either themselves deceived or they are willingly deceiving others. In both cases, the false religion is equivalent to what Jesus faced in His own days here on earth. He dealt with those who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. Men who turn the grace of God into a license for evil. Men who think they are holy but whom god says are defiled and reprobate. Men who pervert the right way and feed people lies, deceit, and every form of soul pollution know to man. In Jesus' case, He confronted the Pharisees, who perverted the right way of knowing God for a hypocritical false religious system, based more on outward appearance than on heartfelt love for God. For a whole chapter on this see Matthew 23 in the New Testament.

Just the other day, I was up on the Royal Mile, just down from
Edinbrugh Castle. I was talking to a young Hare Krishna devotee [ See Scandal and Controversy ]. Many of you have probably run into them there. I was speaking to a young man who I have spoken to on several other occasions. He is Mexican and claims that at one time he was a 'Chistian'. Somewhere down the line he got hooked up with the ISKCON - International Society For Krishna Consciousness. He left Mexico and now lives in Scotland working for ISKCON. He spends his days slaving for this 'spiritual oganization'. His mind has been thoroughly ruined as his cognitive reasoning capacity to discern truth from error is gone. He is like a robot that just repeats the same thing that he has been led to believe. He is sent into Edinburgh day-by-day to make money off the tourists and then give the funds to the ISKCON organization. People gladly give him money as he pawns his [the organizations] CD's off to people. He has been taken captive in a spiritual trap.

Dancing, chanting and begging for money, ISKCON people are involved in a Vishnuite sect that makes the Hindu god Krishna the supreme deity. The
Ankerberg Theological Research Institue [ ] has done extensive reseach on ISKCON [ ] and has come up with some interesting things in their research. Although the following charges cannot be poven legally, the allegations come from sources that are very reliable.

These allegations have been made by eyewitnesses, the victims themselves, or their friends.
Allegations against ISKCON are: Drug trafficking, murder, wife beating, child abuse

Allegations against Other Eastern Guru's are:

Ram Dass - bisexuality
Sai Baba - homosexuality, possible child molestation
Swami Rama - rape, threats of murder
Yogi Bhajan - homosexuality, rape, murder, rumors of drug investments
Muktananda - rape, voyeurism, fornication, violence, child molesting
Da Free John - pornography,rape, adultery
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - fornication, violence
Rajneesh ashram - rape, violence, attempted murder, murder, drug abuse, adultery, fornication

The allegation sources below have been exerpted from the Bibliography of
Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs, John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Harvest House Publishers, 1996, p.646]:

Tal Brooke, Lord of the Air, Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 1990
Ram Dass, Gist for the Mill, New York: Bantam, 1979
Ram Dass, "Egg on My Beard", The Yoga Journal, Nov-Dec 1976
The Yoga Journal, Jul-Aug, 1985
Peter Marin, "Spiritual Obediance", Harper's Magazine, Feb 1979
"The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda", Co-Evolution Quarterly, Winter 1983
The (Potland) Oregonian, Dec 30, 1985
Tal Brooke, Riders of the Cosmic Circuit, ref 249
Ma Bharti, Drunk on the Divine, New York: Grove Press, 1980

To research this on your own, type ISKCON abuses into a search engine such as google and see what you get... Click here to see the results.
What does ISKCON teach about Jesus Christ ?
The following is from a Watchman Fellowship Profile on Hare Krishna's - ISKCON:
Jesus Christ: ISKCON teaches that Jesus, rather than being the eternal God, is instead one of the demi-god manifestations of Krishna (Ibid., p. 261). In fact, "Jesus is the son, and Krishna the Father, and Jesus is Krishna's son" (Jesus Loves Krsna, p. 26). Contrary to Christian doctrine, ISKCON teaches that Jesus only intended to serve as a guide to 1st-century Palestine: God sent Jesus to be the spiritual master of particular people in a particular time and place…he did not claim (as others claim today) that He was the only Representative Agent of the Supreme Person ever to walk the earth in the past or future (Ibid., p. 44). Instead, because Jesus is merely the manifestation (son) of Krishna (the father), Jesus worshipped Krishna (The Deceivers, p. 195-96. The mediator between God (Krishna) and humanity is Prabhupada. Only Prabhupada is referred to as "His Divine Grace" (The Strange World of the Hare Krishnas, p. 45), and it is even said of him that "Prabhupada was a world-genius, greater than Jesus" (Ibid., p. 69). He "is the ultimate standard of Krishna consciousness…[people] must give him the honor due to God, because the guru is the transparent via media or representative of God and is distributing unalloyed love of God" ("The Hare Krishna Movement." Religious Movements in Contemporary America, p. 469). Prabhupada is thus worshipped by devotees; guru paja involves offering flower petals to a wax likeness of the master (new members offer petals to a picture of Prabhupada) (Hare Krishna in America, pp. 17–8)."
Sadly, there are multitudes of leaders who mislead people to the point of everlasting ruin. These type of people will not listen to the truth even when they know the truth. Jesus called the Pharisees 'children of the Devil'(John 8:44). Jesus, who is God manifest in human flesh, confronted these people...and they still would not turn from their false religion. These types of leaders delude people through a false profession of 'Christianity'. Even the eastern cults use Jesus' words and pervert the Bible, saying tyhey are 'Divine' or 'God', or that they are another 'Christ' for this age. They foist upon the people false teaching and the end result is that their victims (who may be sincere seekers but are horribly misled) are destoyed. Their conscience is corrupted in this life, and then they are assigned to hell after death. All because the 'religious leader' fed them lies that they believed.
Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ said,
"See to it that no one misleads you . For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and will mislead many"..."Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ', or 'There He is, 'do not believe him". "For false Christ's and false prophets will aise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you in advance. If therefore they say to you, 'Behold, He is in the wilderness,' do not go forth, or, 'Behold, He is in the inner rooms, ' do not believe them" (Matthew 24:4-5,24-26).
For a Profile on ISKCON
International Society for Krishna Consciousness / Hare Krishnas
For a Secular Source on ISKCON

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

India Outreach - Christ's Love Our Common Bond

These Christian people in India loved me not for the color of my skin or because I was a friendly face. They loved me because they are filled with the love of Jesus Christ - Who truly is our common bond. The flowers are a special customary gift for visitors.

Metropolitan Mission (MM) - Vijayawada, Andrah Pradesh, India
MM Website click here
Chris Lawson's MM Blog - click here
Support the MM Outreach email Sam Austrin-Miner at

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

India Outreach - 'Soon to smile'

Soon to smile...
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Christian man in Andrah Pradesh - Photo by Chris Lawson

Monday, August 15, 2005

Discernment Tool Kit - Book

Discernment Tool Kit

Have you ever been led astray from Christ?
Have you ever been spiritually abused?
Have you ever been 'tossed to and fro' by false teaching?

Do you know what you believe?
Do you know what false teachers are foisting upon the church?
Do you know how to make a right judgment when it comes to the Bible?

Here is a great book that we highly recommend to everyone out there.

Discernment Tool Kit
by Sandy Simpson

Table of Contents includes:

1. Judge Rightly
2. Demolish Arguments
3. Know What You Believe
4. Know What They Believe
5. Define The Terms
6. Protect Your Church
7. Avoid False Unity
8. Get The Leaven Out
9. Be A Humble Servant
10. Worship God As Sovereign
11. Preach The Real Gospel
12. Pray In The Spirit
13. Be Wary Of The Doctrines Of Men
14. Don't Follow Their Example
15. Test Everything
16. Don't Shipwreck Your Faith
17. Look For The Fruit
18. Obey The Lord

Deception In The Church

Go there to see whatever you need for church discernment - don't let the false teachers rip you off any longer.

See also Apologetics Coordination Team for information on how to book a speaker to speak at your church or conference.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Benny Hinn's Wife - OUT OF CONTROL See Video

Mrs. Suzanne Hinn
(Wife of Benny Hinn)

"Televangelist Benny Hinn is threatening to sue the religious satire magazine The Door for the video clip it is distributing that shows Hinn's wife, Suzanne, preaching at their former church in Orlando, Florida. She says if you're a lifeless, blackslidden Christian, you need a "Holy Ghost enema... right up your rear end."

See Photo of Suzanne Hinn AND
See Video clip at click here

See also The Door Magazine (Religious Satire Magazine)

'Test all things; hold fast to that which is good.
Abstain from every form of evil.'
1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

This is simply one of the saddest things on the internet.

Common sense alone shows us that Mrs. Benny Hinn's bahavior is not normal behavior for any human being. This is not good and it is found to be evil when tested with God's Word - the Bible.

This e-blog is not meant to be funny and we do not post this for the sake of making fun at people or pointing the finger at others.

We are saddened by this women's behavior and see this as one more thing that the world will mock Christinaity for. This is utter folly in the eyes of God AND the world. Nobody in their right mind can say this is of God or proper human behavior. What Mrs. Hinn is doing in this video is more akin to what takes place in Eastern cults that use mind control, manifest demonic power, and become like unreasoning animals that are out of control.

We hope that Mrs. Hinn and her husband Benny will both resign completely from the minstry as they have done untold damage to people who are trying to find God in this dark world. This is not what Christiantiy is like and this is not from the God of the Bible to be sure.

This video clip of Mrs. Benny Hinn shows that she is totally out of control on stage. She proudly mocks God by telling people they might need "a 'Holy Ghost enema". She then loses control while huffing and puffing and she falls over on the floor.

We have to ask - Is Mrs. Hinn under the influence of psychological manipulation and overstimulation, is she just acting foolish 'in the name of God', or is she under the influence of demonic power? It is only right to ask these questions as she is supposedly 'speaking for God'.

Her words and behavior are utterly reprehensible to the God of the Bible as well as Bible believing Christians. And to the world!!!

Paul the Apostle, to the church at Galatia, wrote...

"But the fruit of the [Holy] Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control". (Galatians 5:22)

Whatever happened to 'self-control'? The Holy Spirit of the Bible is God the Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity. Mrs. Hinn's actions and words are not only 'unholy', she is literally out of her mind. This is not the 'mind of Christ' that Paul talked about in 1 Cor 2:16. Mrs. Hinn is not communicating anything Biblical in relation the the Word of God or the Holy Spirit. These are not the thoughts of the Lord, but the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

It is a sad day indeed when this type of 'Christiantiy' is accepted in churches. This is just more ammunition for the world to mock Christ and His everlasting Gospel.

If you have read this and you are not a Christian, please know full well that our intention is simply to expose this type of 'Christianity' so that people are not led astray but it. Christ does not make a mockery of true believers or endorse this type of behavior. Much of the New Testament is written to keep people away from this type of religious delusion. Church history reveals too that many crazy things happen when people move away from the Scriptures into false teaching. This is the perfect example.

It is our Christian duty to love people, expose error in a humble and gentle manner, and to pray for people so that they might come to know the real Jesus, not the counterfeit one's.

The Benny Bundle's Back! click here!
The Many Faces o Benny Hinn
The Confusing World of Benny Hinn


Apologetics Index -Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn : Apologetics discernment research resources
Suzanne Hinn really says ''You need a Holy Ghost enema'' right in front of apacked house at Benny Hinn's home church in Orlando, Fla. - Similar pages

Benny Hinn : Apologetics research resources
Benny Hinn, is one of today's best-known televangelists. ... married Suzanne, the daughter of a local pastor and it was there that Benny Hinn began to build - 14 Aug 2005 - Similar pages

Friday, August 05, 2005

Benny Hinn - Dateline Expose' - See Video Clip

Is Benny Confused about 'ministry' and 'truth'?

Take a closer look at ...

Dateline Expose' of Benny Hinn 'ministry'
See 10 Minute Video Clip

Take a closer look at...

The Confusing World of Benny Hinn
See book and other resources
Revised, Expanded and Updated - Now in its 9th Edition

Many Christians today are NOT using their minds to discern between truth and error. On top of this global tragedy, many people in and out of the church will call you a jerk or a bigot or a 'judgmental' person if you say that someone is wrong in their thinking or theology.

What has Christianity come to in our day and age? It is a horrendous delusion for us as believers to not use our minds the way God intended. God expects us to make proper judgments in regards to day to day living as well as our Christian faith. Running a stop sign or red light in a car or on a bike is very unwise. Think about it, no one gets too upset about having to stop and make sure to look and see if it is ok to proceed. In the same line of using ones reasoning and discernment capacity, having an untrained doctor do brain surgery on someone would be foolish. Not too many people would like to be the patient in this case. It is highly probable that that all people would judge this to be 'unsafe', not 'judgmental' and 'narrow minded' and a form of 'bigotry'.

Why is it then that when we say NO to false teaching in the church, many pastors and teachers get upset? It is because many pastors and teachers are themselves teaching false doctrine as well as endorsing people like Benny Hinn, Kennth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, etc. Today more than ever people are simply afraid to speak the truth about deception in the church and the world. Why? The f'ear of man' which the Bible says 'brings a snare'.

For instance, people seem to get all bent out of shape when someone who reads their Bible says that Benny Hinn is a false prophet and false teacher. There are vast amounts of discernment materials and webpages exposing Benny as a false prophet. EVEN THE SECULAR MEDIA HAS EXPOSED BENNY HINN ! Sadly, many Christians will not face the facts and many refuse to do even 15 minutes of research.

Benny Hinn has been called to account many times. He refuses to repent of his false teaching and he continues to deceive people and malign the truth of the Word of God. His so-called 'ministry', 'showmanship', and lying prophecies are not only destroying the testimony of Christ around the world, but he is making it extremely difficult for valid Bible teaching ministries around the globe to reach people in the mission field. Many people in the world look at money preachers like Benny Hinn and they unknowingly draw the conclusion that all 'Christians' are like the televangelists. What an amazing delusion!

"But there were false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their destructive ways, because of who the way of truth will be blasphemed." (2 Peter 2:1-2)

Do some research for 15 minutes and see what you find…truly this man Benny Hinn is causing the way of truth top be maligned across the globe.

Deception In The Church - Benny Hinn Link

Personal Freedom Outreach

Eastern Regional Watch

Christian Research Service - Benny Hinn Link

My Fortress - Benny Hinn Link