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Christian Publishing/Promotion of False Teaching

More Deception From Christian Bookstores Coming Your

Introduction by Chris Lawson
The following article is a small response from Bob DeWaay that we think is accurate and interesting. It is a response to a recent discernment article that Bud Press recently wrote regarding Christian Bookstores selling unbiblical materials. See Bud Press's informative discernment article here

We too have done extensive research into these matters and we wholeheartedly agree with Bob DeWaay and Bud Press regarding this huge problem in the church.
We state empatically that is is time for Christian Pastors and all Christians to stand up and say NO MORE COMPROMISE to compromising Christians who have compromising Bookstores. God's sheep are being led into the polluted waters of unbiblical and heretical literature.

Jeremiah 2:13 speaks directly into this type of situation... "For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water." Christian Bookstores in many quarters have forsaken the LORD in that they are selling heresy. Furthermore, this heresy will only produce spiritual decay and more apostasy in the church.

The day has finally come where even in Christian bookstores everything has to be tested as to whether or not it contains spiritual poison - NO MATTER WHOSE MINISTRY IT IS, ours included !

For Jesus' sake it is high time to stand up for Jesus Christ and His Doctine. It is high time to speak the truth in love, correcting those who are in opposition to the faith which was once for all entrusted to the saints, and refuting and rejecting those who willingly promote the teachings of anti-Christ.

Chris Lawson
Philippians 1:8-11

Source: Be Alert News Article
- This was sent in response to the January 28 Press Release and I believe gives excellent personal testimony to this major problem within Christian Publishing

Testimonial Letter

Bob DeWaay, January 28, 2005
Fellowship,I want to add a personal testimony to what Bud says. I just returned from the CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) convention in Nashville. My publisher, Lee Fredrickson, had a booth there and I was signing copies of Redefining Christianity for bookstore buyers and others. I was able to talk to over 300 people and warn them about the Purpose Driven movement.

However, the sad part of the story is the state of Christian publishing. Wednesday morning I went an hour early so I could see all the exhibits for myself. It was very discouraging. Over half the titles were of the self-help/life enhancement genre’. Some were neutral and some way off. Nearly all the rest of the titles were rank heresy. Destiny Image had a huge, prominent display promoting every heresy imaginable all the way from TD Jakes to a guy I debated 20 years ago, Mark Virkler, who claims he can teach you how to hear God’s voice so you can get your own personal revelations. In the middle of their many titles promoting heresy there was the ultimate irony – a title that said “How to Avoid Deception”! Well the obvious answer is to never read a book published by Destiny Image!

YIKESOne of the more interesting people I met there was a buyer who was looking for scholarly titles to stock in his bookstores. He told me he could find none there. People are looking for spiritual experiences and self-help; not truth. I gave the man my book and told him that it will help explain why the evangelical church is in the state it is.

We are in a vicious cycle it seems. The most prominent evangelical leaders like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen (a book by that particular “theological giant” was being promoted) are dominating the market, and influencing pastors. The pastors, wanting to cash in on Warren’s success, are following his example and dumbing down their messages. The people in the pew do not hear enough solid Biblical exposition to even know what they are missing unless they have been around long enough to know what it is supposed to be like. The people in the pew are the potential buyers of Christian Books. The Booksellers, being market savvy, publish books for this market. The market is for two things, a mystical spiritual experience or help solving life’s problems. Thus 90% or more of the titles reflect this. Rick Warren said it best in his first book: “People are not looking for truth, they are looking for relief.” So Warren thinks that is what we should offer them. Therein lays the problem. They think they are getting relief because they feel good through their spiritual experience and find some practical answers through Christian self-help books. But they have no clue that many of them are facing God’s wrath in eternity. If they are saved, they have no clue how impoverished their souls are becoming.

On a positive note, I met John MacArthur yesterday as he is in our city speaking for our local radio station. He spoke to a handful of pastors in the morning and to a large crowd last night. MacArthur’s messages were absolutely outstanding as he warned us about the war on the Scriptures and presented the truth of the gospel in a most powerful way. I thank God for him.I thank God for each of you and your love for the truth.
Bob DeWaay

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