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Spread The Word Online Christian Bookstore

Spread The Word Online Christian Bookstore
Spreading more than just the 'Word'

Source: Christian Research Service

Spread The Word Online Christian Bookstore
Spreading more than just the 'Word'

To the Reader: It has been almost two years since Christian Research Service first established contact with Spread The Word representatives and, eventually, its President, Steve Darrow. Since then, CRS has provided them with information and documentation pertaining to the non-Christian authors, books, and materials being advertised and promoted within Spread The Word's online Christian bookstore (correspondence on file).

To their credit, Spread The Word has removed non-Christian books from its inventory in the past, and should be commended. Certainly, providing Christian books and materials to the body of Christ on a massive scale is an important task, and can be overwhelming at times. However, once the materials are removed, implementing safeguards to prevent their filtering back into the body of Christ is equally important.

Accordingly, because of the constant flow of non-Christian authors, books and materials into the Christian church, it is extremely important that website managers continuously monitor their websites and databases to ensure that only solid, Bible-based materials are being presented to the body of Christ.

As with any online Christian bookstore, Spread The Word has the ability and capability to monitor, delete and block non-Christian authors and books from their own inventory and databases. And, when necessary, Spread The Word has the prerogative and authority to contact their distributors and publishers, and place a block on non-Christian books and materials.

As long as any bookstore claims to be Christian, it should be Christian from front to rear, and everything in between. But where lackadaisical attitudes prevail, the innocent and gullible suffer. Therefore, the spiritual welfare of Christians, as well as those searching for the real Jesus Christ and His salvation, should be foremost in the minds of everyone involved with and connected to the Christian bookstore industry.

A note of caution: This information contains quotes from New Agers and links to New Age sources. The New Age Movement is subtle, seductive and extremely dangerous to the spiritual welfare of the believer. Reader discretion is advised.

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Spread The Word Online Christian Bookstore
Spreading more than just the 'Word'

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Spread The Word Online Christian Bookstore: Spreading More Than Just the 'Word'

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