Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Benny Hinn Confronted By Jacob Prasch

Is Benny Hinn a Prisoner of War in Satan's Great War of Attrition? The answer is a huge yes! Benny Hinn's false teachings and blatant false prophecies certainly reveal that his 'doctrine' is not the Doctrine of Christ.

Here is a small news post about Benny being confronted by Jacob Prasch in 'Borders' at a Mega store near an aiport in Hawaii.

To read about Benny Hinn's false prophecies and false teachings go here:
False Teachings and False Prophecies of Benny Hinn

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Jacob Prasch - Benny Hinn: Tete a Tete

Thank you to
Philip Powell for compiling this report for CETF 35. I did take the liberty of letting Jacob himself finish the story since the statement regarding Benny's body guard is too funny not to be heard.

On Thursday January 19, 2006 Jacob Prasch (JP) and Benny Hinn (BH) chanced to meet at 'Borders' a mega store near an airport in Hawaii. Jacob was alone with the Lord at his side. Benny Hinn had his body-guard and a friend, presumably on their way to or from Fiji. Jacob Prasch accosted Hinn addressing him in Hebrew (BH makes a big deal of his Hebrew expertise on TV having been born in Israel). He admitted he could "not really" speak Hebrew, so JP switched to English and told him that he had a list of false prophecies BH had made in the Name of the Lord, none of which happened. Jacob said "I pointed him to Deut. 18 calling him a false prophet who needs to repent and get out of the ministry.

His body guard twitched. Needless to say, Benny would not/ could not address the issue. He just said 'thank you very much'. As hopeless and pathetic as expected. But I confronted him eye ball to eye ball anyway because of Ezekiel 2:5."

"As for them, whether they listen or not--for they are a rebellious house--they will know that a prophet has been among them." - Ezekiel 2:5