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Bill Gaither's, dc Talk, Audio Adrenaline, Rebecca St. James, Jennifer Knapp, The W's, and the Supertones Joining Hands With Rome?

The following article is about how 'Evangelicals' (Bill Gaither's and others) in the Christian music industry are becoming Ecumenical with the Roman Catholic Church.

It is a tragic thing that we have come to a day and age where the Reformation is forgotten and millions of Bible believers are turning away from Biblical truth because they refuse to stand up for basic Bible doctrines. We live in a time where large crowds and followings seem to dictacte what leaders will do and say. 'Compromising Biblical truth for the sake of Ecumenical unity 'and the vain glory of 'Manpleasing' now sadly seem to rule the convictions of many Christians. Most are simply ignorant, but many willfully disregard the warnings of Scripture.

We must not forget where this mentality comes from. Remember Pilate?

Mark 15:15 - "Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified."

In like manner, countless leaders - Wanting to satisfy the crowd - compromise the truth of God's Word by seeking to PLEASE THE CROWDS. In doing so they not only hand themselves over to disobedience before a thrice Holy God, but they set a reprehensible example for countless others to follow. Would the Apostles of Scripture join hands with the Judaizers and Gnostics or would the Reformers join hands with Rome - CERTAINLY NOT! They chose rather to be burned at the stake or crucified or drowned than to join hands in Ecumenical unity with apostates.

We have posted the following article not to poke fun and point the finger at well intentioned professing believers who have compromised, but to help show that there is a mass of deception blowing through the Christian Music Industry and Church.

Let no man, woman, Christian leader, or Christiasn Music artist lead you astray by a compromised and ungodly ecumenical example.

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by David Cloud Feb 20, 2006
Updated and enlarged February 20, 2006 (first published July 30, 1998)
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Article excerpt...
Bill Gaither has had an ecumenical philosophy from the beginning of his musical career. In his autobiography "It's More Than the Music," he states that one of the fringe benefits of playing their concerts in "neutral, nonchurch environments" was that people from "all church denominations" attended. "Before long, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, charismatics, Catholics, and Pentecostals were all praising the Lord together. Subtly, the walls between denominations began to crumble..." (p. 115)..........

"...............In 1999, Bill Gaither joined forces with dc Talk founder Toby McKeehan to "create a new modern worship music label, 40 Records" (CCM magazine, July 1999, p. 11). The goal is "to stretch the boundary of worship music" and to "give a youthful spirit to worship music for ANY DENOMINATIONĊ "

Speaking of the new music company, Gaither said:

"I view building bridges of understanding of different cultures and PHILOSOPHICAL POINTS OF VIEW as part of my calling. UNITY DOES NOT DEPEND ON OUR CONSENSUS OF OPINION, but on our unity in Christ."

This is a false and dangerous statement. Biblical unity does depend on a consensus of opinion about doctrine. Ephesians 4:1-6, which speaks of Christian unity, says there is only "one faith" (verse 5). This refers to the body of truth delivered by the Holy Spirit to the Apostles and recorded in the New Testament Scriptures.

Philippians 1:27 also speaks of Christian unity, and it demands "one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel." That is not a description of modern ecumenism. Timothy was instructed to allow "no other doctrine" in the churches he was overseeing (1 Timothy 3:16). Paul taught the church at Rome that false doctrine is the basis for separation (Romans 16:17).

Like Gaither, McKeehan and dc Talk are unscripturally ecumenical and even accept Roman Catholics as brothers and sisters in Christ in spite of Rome's false sacramental gospel, heresies pertaining to the papacy, Mary, the priesthood, etc. When Pope John Paul II visited the States in January 1999, dc Talk joined hands with hundreds of thousands of Catholics to welcome him. Featured at a Catholic youth rally connected with the Pope's visit, were dc Talk, Audio Adrenaline, Rebecca St. James, Jennifer Knapp, The W's, and the Supertones (CCM Magazine, April 1999, p. 12). dc Talk's Kevin Max praised the Catholic youth for coming out to hear the Pope, describing John Paul II as "someone with something of substance to say" (Ibid.). Each attendee received a rosary with instructions about how to pray to Mary..."

The Gaithers represent the very heart and soul of Southern gospel music today. In recent years they have held "homecoming" specials which have brought together most of the well known Southern gospel groups. These include members of the Statesmen, the Blackwood Brothers, the Cathedrals, the Goodman's, the Speer Family, the Florida Boys, the Gatlin Brothers, and many others. Those who have attended these gatherings have put their stamp of approval upon the ecumenical-charismatic-rock music side of Southern gospel by not separating from those who are guilty of these things and by not lifting their voices to reprove them.

The Bible instructs us to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them" (Eph. 5:11). Revelation 18:4 warns God's people to come out from among the apostasy of the last hours "that ye be not partakers of her sins." COMPLICITY WITH DOCTRINAL AND SPIRITUAL ERROR MAKES ME A PARTAKER WITH THAT ERROR. 2 John warns that even to bid God speed to a false teacher makes me "partaker of his evil deeds" (2 John 11). I realize this is a very hard line and one that is completely foreign to the thinking of this ecumenical-crazed age, but this is what the Word of God says.

I also realize that the Gaithers have produced some lovely sacred music in the past, but this is no excuse for disobedience to God's Word. When the Gaithers greet 12,000 Roman Catholics, including many priests and nuns, as brethren in Christ, as they did at Indianapolis '90, they are partakers of the evil deeds of Rome and God's people should protest.

It is wrong to associate with those who walk in open disobedience to God's Word and to support them with record sales and to bring their jazzed up music with its ecumenical philosophy into our churches and homes."
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