Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Delirious Helping Joyce Meyer Spread the Word Faith Gospel in India

Recently we received an email from a Pastor in India asking the Spiritual Research Network to help counter the Word Faith heresies of Benny Hinn and and other Word Faith teachers whose teachings are infecting believers in India. This is a great concern to us because we know that many Pastors in India do not have discernment resources and the Word Faith heresies are being spread across the nation.

Now, Joyce Meyer too is spreading Word Faith Prosperity teachings in India. Sadly, the Christian rock band Delirious is helping her. It should be stated and remembered that Joyce Meyer's unbiblical prosperity Gospel teachings have been exposed countless times by Bible based discernment ministries. Still, many do not know that she is teaching heresy as are many other big name Christian authors.

"Joyce Meyer says God has made her rich. Everything she has came from Him: the $10 million corporate jet, her husband's $107,000 silver-gray Mercedes sedan, her $2 million home and houses worth another $2 million for her four children — all blessings, she says, straight from the hand of God. Here is a short news clip from Christianity Today."

Delirious and Joyce Meyer Reach Out to 1.2 Million in India
CHRISTIAN TODAY - by Courtney Lee - February 8, 2006

- British rock band Delirious? and NY Times best-selling author, legendary evangelist Joyce Meyer recently travelled to Hyderabad, India, to join India’s own Sounds of the Nations for one of the largest Christian events in India.

More than 1.2 million people gathered to hear Delirious? play songs from its widely acclaimed new album, The Mission Bell and hear Joyce Meyer deliver the word each night. During the four-day gathering, hundreds of thousands made commitments to faith in Jesus Christ.
“The incredible gift that Delirious? brings to an event like this is immeasurable,” says Joyce Meyer.

“The ability to go from completely rock'n down the house to absolute pure worship is awesome! It was an honour to share the stage with them and look forward to doing more in the future! India will never ever be the same!”...

Known for her transparency and dynamic speech, Joyce Meyer conducts close to 20 conferences per year, and has authored over 70 books. In 2004, almost 2.5 million copies of her books were sold, and well over 1 million were donated around the world. Her television program is broadcast to two-thirds of the globe and her radio program is broadcast on hundreds of stations worldwide.

This year, she will be conducting conferences in Rwanda and Ukraine in addition to cities in the U.S.
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Click here to see be educated about Joyce Meyer's unbiblical teachings

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