Sunday, March 19, 2006

NEW Spiritual Research Network Website Almost Ready

NEW Spiritual Research Network Website Almost Ready

It has been a long process but we finally will have a Spiritual Research Network website that is loaded with research articles and archives for many of the current trends going on in the church such as the Emerging Church issues, Purpose Driven issues, Word Faith cultism, etc.

The Spiritual Research Network site will also have many as expose's on cults, new age, the occult, hazards of the occult, Harry Potter, liberalism, ecumenism, Da Vinci Code, etc.
At this point we have linked heavily to many good discernment sites but in the future we will be writing and sending out our own articles, exposes, etc.

The main idea here is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry as well as lead people to Christ - the Real Jesus of Scripture who is the risen Christ, not an occult counterfeit.

The Spiritual Research Network website is not an ecumenical compromise, but a powerhouse of Biblically sound and relavant discernment articles.We will send an Update out when the new Spiritual Research Network site goes online.

Please pray for us as we travel in the USA the next few weeks and please pray that many people would be blessed when the new Spiritual researdch Network site goes online.