Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Bible Is Out, Homosexuality Is In

Source: K-House eNews For The Week Of August 22, 2006

Hard working, decent teachers and administrators across America do exist, and do a superb job educating our children. Many are Christians, who care both about scholastics as well as the moral education of their students. Some do wonders. On the other hand, liberal politics and the goals of "secular" humanism have been steadily forced on multitudes of American school children. It is a culture war tied to a spiritual war, and the liberal side rejects America's Judeo-Christian heritage while embracing politically-accepted immorality. Consider some recent stories from around the country:

The California Assembly is to vote on Thursday on the "Bias Free Curriculum Act", which would make it illegal for public school teachers to say anything negative (or perceived as negative) against homosexuality and its variants. Public schools would not be allowed to portray gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT) people in anything but a positive way. Governor Schwarzenegger would have definitely vetoed the bill if it contained language requiring public school textbooks to promote the "role and contributions" of GLBT in contemporary society, so that provision was removed from the bill. But, if it passes, the "Bias Free" act will deny public school teachers the freedom to deal honestly with GLBT issues. They will instead be forced to feed children the politically correct but medically and morally incorrect message that homosexuality is healthy, normal, and inborn.

South Carolina
For several years, students in Hanover County, South Carolina have learned about the Bible in school, in classes paid for by local churches. The classes were not required, but had become quite popular, with hundreds of students attending. The ACLU, however, began to complain that the classes were too religious - teaching the Bible as literal history, rather than teaching it as literature. In response, the classes were tailored to avoid "separation of church and state" problems. Then, though, critics found the program's Achilles' heel; too many of those teaching the Bible classes were not state certified. The school had to end its relationship with the Executive Committee of the Bible, the church-supported group that provided the classes. Students may take religion classes from the local community college instead.

Montgomery County, Maryland will add a few subjects to its sex education curriculum. Proper condom use and "gay topics" will be added to the material offered to 8th and 10th grade students. The new material was approved in November 2004, but was challenged by conservative groups. To settle the lawsuit, school officials agreed to rewrite the new changes with two conservatives on the 15-member committee, but the revamped changes will most likely be passed. The principle behind the new material is that people "have the right to accept, acknowledge, and live in accordance with their sexual orientation, be they heterosexual, bisexual, gay, or lesbian."It would appear that the Bible is out and homosexuality is in. Thus the worldview war continues.

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