Friday, August 18, 2006

Press Release: "Maitreya Has Come and Will Save the World"

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Press Release: "Maitreya Has Come and Will Save the World"

- I received a press release this morning from an occult organization called Share International. I interviewed its founder, Benjamin Creme several years ago. (Something I would never do again.) This group has been promising the return of the world teacher, Maitreya, for many years. I hadn't received anything from this group for some time so the press release surprised me. I want to quote it verbatim. As apostate evangelical leaders are now linking hands with men like Bill Gates and Bono to save the world from AIDS, poverty and illiteracy, we need to be aware that this is exactly what the promised Maitreya and his masters of wisdom are said to be doing, by the occultists themselves. Please read this carefully. Here is the last paragraph of the press release, after the opening paragraphs that describe the signs and wonders now happening, including the tree gushing water from a tree in San Antonio that has been reported around the world this week.

August 15, 2006
"...All major religions are expecting a divine messenger, albeit under different names, says Creme, and Maitreya has come in fulfillment of the prophecies of each. He has come earlier than anticipated by many religious groups because of the urgency of the times, in order to offer his counsel to a world in crisis. His priorities are simple: food, shelter, health care and education for everyone as guaranteed rights. His advice to humanity is just as simple. "Share and save the world." When the plight of the poor and starving millions is alleviated than the recovery of the environment will become the first priority." (Emphasis added.)The false christ will come promoting practical social welfare. That's it. Help for all who need it. This false christ has many "John the Baptist" style promoters who have come before to soften up the world. All pastors and teachers who deny Christ either openly or by their refusal to preach Him crucified for sinners have a part in preparing the way. The New Agers and occultists believe the "christ", the Maitreya is already here. And he comes with great concern for the poor and the suffering. My message to you today is, don't believe it. Stand fast in the faith and pray for discernment because the hour is late. The Fox news special called "Can Rick Warren Save the World?" will be on Sunday night. He was on the Charlie Rose Show last night and Fox News Daybreak yesterday. I have never seen anything like it.