Monday, August 14, 2006

SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids

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the following book by Marcia Montenegro is a much needed book in our day and age. Kids everywhere seem to be investigating and getting involved in occult practices. Playing with the paranormal is not a game. Deadly influences can result - on children and adults alike.

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The following is from Marcia Montenegro's Website:
CANA - Christian Answers for the New Age


SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids
(Cook, 2006)~ Forward by Norman Geisler

Have you ever wished there was a book on the occult written from a Christian viewpoint, with suggestions on how to talk about this to your kids or teens? Well, such a book now exists, SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids.

This book is for:
Sunday School teachers
Youth Pastors
Youth Leaders and workers
Schoolteachers Grandparents
…And anyone who would like to know how to recognize the occult in our culture, as well as a solid biblical view of and response to the occult.

Marcia Montenegro was asked by Cook to write this book as a guide for parents and other interested adults. The book covers what exactly the occult is, how it's being packaged and marketed in our culture, and how to talk to children and teens about the occult. It can now be pre-ordered on some book sites.

The book's information comes from Marcia's many years of participation in New Age, Eastern, and occult beliefs; her practice as a professional astrologer for 8 of those years, including teaching astrology; extensive reading and research of New Age and occult materials; and experiences and contacts she had in the New Age/occult community for over 15 years.

Additionally, since becoming a Christian, Marcia's knowledge in these areas has been supplemented by her contacts, reading, and research through her ministry, CANA/Christian Answers for the New Age. Since 1994, she has written on these topics for Christian periodicals, has been interviewed on radio shows and for publications, and has lectured on these areas around the country.

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