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Zondervan and the 2007 National Pastor's Convention - Pulling Out All the Stops

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We continue to post various discernment articles on the Emergent Issue because so many ministries think it is a good thing.

For more information about the dangers of Contemplative Spirituality see our Contemplative Emerging Church Deception Blog

Anyone Christian [or non-Christian] who has done research in the fields of the cults and the occult, especially Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, will see the connection of how Emergent Leaders are bringing Eastern mysticism [called Contemplative Spirituality] into the church. Many undiscerning leaders do not even have a clue they are doing it. They do not know their Bibles well enough to recognize the error in contemplative spirituality.

It is sad but true - the undiscerning, ignorant, and those who are perhaps willfully deceiving are taking many undiscerning Christians for a big ride. If the next generation of church-goers is apostate and inducing mystical states of consciousness, no one is to blame but the "Leaders" of today who have deceived the youth into thinking they have a "deeper form of Christian spirituality". It is being purposefully driven into the hearts and mind of youth in many countries.

U.K. history is now repeting itself in the U.S.A. Look at the fruit of liberalism in the U.K. and you will have a glimpse of what churches in the U.S.A., very soon, will be experiencing... a whole smorgasboard of deception, division, and underdeveloped undiscerning Christians who are meeting in homes because churches have betrayed their confidence. This is how iot is in the U.K. and it is worse than mosty folks in the U.S.A. can even imagine - even Pastors.

Read on folks and see what the 2007 National Pastor's Convention is going to be like. It now seems that anything goes except sound Biblical teaching for Christian Leaders. What ever happened to teaching through 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus and declaring the whole counsel of God to the flock of God. When Pastors lie down and get eaten by wolves, the sheep become food for every wild beast!

We think it is a worthwhile task to investigate what is really going on in some of these large leadership conferences and who is speaking at them. The following article below reveals how undiscerning the 2007 National Pastor's Convention leadership team has been in choosing its speakers.

~ Chris Lawson at SRN
(Jude 3 still applies today)


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Coming From the Lighthouse Newsletter - August 25, 2006
Lighthouse Trails Research Project

Zondervan and the 2007 National Pastor's Convention - Pulling Out All the Stops

The 2007 National Pastors Convention (presented by Zondervan publishers) carries a heavy-weight line up of speakers. From Ruth Haley Barton to Brian McLaren, next year's convention will not be lacking in New Age sympathizing, meditation promoting speakers. John Burke, president of Emerging Leadership Initiative, was recently a speaker at the Ancient-Wisdom Conference, and says this of the church of the future:

What do a Buddhist, a biker couple, a gay-rights activist, a transient, a high-tech engineer, a Muslim, a twenty-something single mom, a Jew, a couple living together, and an atheist all have in common? They are the future church in America! Most of them are in their twenties or thirties and became followers of Christ in the past five years. Many are now leading others in our church.

Emergent leaders Dan Kimball, Mark Driscoll, and Doug Paggit are on the speakers list as are other emerging/contemplative promoting authors such as Robert Webber (Ancient-Future Worship), Lauren Winner (Girl Meets God), and Gary Thomas (Sacred Pathways). Of Eugene Peterson, Stuart Briscoe and Phyllis Tickle, Zondervan says:

Meet this year's sages! These wise, experienced ministry leaders will be onsite and readily available to meet with you and your team by appointment. They're coming to answer your hard questions regarding real-life ministry issues and in turn give insight into what has helped them run the race well for so many years.

Unfortunately, the answers that this long line of speakers at the 2007 convention will be offering, will point participants to a spirituality that shuffles off the gospel message of Jesus Christ and introduces a sensual, demonic belief system that will bring much harm and damage. We hope you will be able to convince your pastor and other church leaders that this is not an event they should attend.

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