Sunday, October 01, 2006

Warning Ahead of Full Moon - Occultism in Dartmoor?

The following is from Sky News and reminds us once again that there is a dark and sinister side to paganism that most people overlook.

Don't be deceived folks, there is a lot more going on out there than the news media reports on.


Warning Ahead of Full Moon

An occult sect that slaughters sheep in sadistic "moon rituals" is expected to make a major new attack, police have been warned.

Next Saturday's full moon is believed to be of great significance to the cult responsible for more than 20 sheep killings on Dartmoor.

Farmers are being urged to guard flocks next weekend, according to the Sunday Express.

Pagan leader Ed Prynn, who has previously helped officers investigating the murder of an occultist, told the newspaper: "The next full moon is a big night, make no mistake.

"It will bring the biggest spring tides for years and people will want to mark the occasion.

"Mr Prynn, the self-styled Archdruid of Cornwall, added: "Druids and most pagans are animal lovers and so this group on Dartmoor is a mystery to us - but judging by their rituals the moon is extremely important to them. If I had livestock on the moor I'd be bringing them in.

"The attacks have been happening over the past 18 months, the paper reported.

Farmers have found strangled and mutilated sheep with carcasses laid out in the shape of a seven-pointed star.

Police are reported to be investigating a crude stone altar covered with blood stains, and the RSPCA has logged one report of a half moon shape cut into the flesh of a dead animal.,,70131-13545224,00.html?f=rss