Wednesday, October 18, 2006

West Ham Mega-Mosque on Newsnight

Last week I toured the third biggest Mosque in the world, located in Morrocco - the King Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. We were quickly asked to leave by security guards that were concerned for our own safety. It was the evening call to prayer, but we were warned by police that it was not a safe place to be. We were standing outside at the courtyard near the local surfbreak.

We were asked to leave at prayer time because it is not a safe place to be? This ought not to be!

Hopefully the Mega Mosque in West Ham (See below) will not fule the fires of Jihad style Islam in the U.K.

It will be interesting to see how this thing progresses when many people voice their opinions for and against it. I imagine things are going to get pretty messy.

Looking unto Jesus the Coming Messiah!


The following news item is from the Andrea Minichiello Williams news update from the Christian Concern For Our Nation Website.

Mega Mosque Page

"On the 17th October the BBC programme Newsnight dedicated a substantial section of its show to the proposed mega-mosque in east London. Challenging the assertion of the mosque’s backers that it will be an open centre, inclusive of muslims and non-muslims, the revealing programme interviewed people from both sides of the debate (see link below). The same evening there was a public meeting, organised by the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, in the Houses of Parliament hosted by Baroness Cox and Julian Brazier MP attended by 200 people including shadow Home Secretary, David Davis. At the meeting a vote was taken, which was passed unanimously, calling for a Public Inquiry into the mosque. "

· To download the video or podcast of the Newsnight show featuring the mega mosque investigation,