Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Speaking the Truth in Love to Pastor Rick Warren

Speaking the Truth in Love to Pastor Rick Warren
by Jan Markell Olive Tree Ministries

If you have followed this ministry for some time, you know that I have made the issue of "America's Pastor", Rick Warren, a lesser focus than other issues with which we deal. I have had a radio debate focusing on both sides of the "Purpose Driven" movement and have mentioned some other "Purpose Driven" issues occasionally. I have received hundreds of emails over three years, most expressing sorrow about church splits and being tossed out of a church for not approving of PDL coming in, but also emails that talk about remarkable spiritual and numerical growth due to the PDL plan for church growth. To be perfectly honest, the negative emails outnumber the positive ones twenty to one. [Emphasis ours as we have seen the same thing in the U.K.]

Several stories have been developing over the last ten days that at the very least must be reported on. I will highlight some for your consideration. I encourage all to pray for Rick Warren, as a pattern is developing that is most troublesome.
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