Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Benny Hinn: A Simple Over-Sight, Perhaps?

Benny Hinn: A Simple Over-Sight, Perhaps?
'Sometimes, it's the small stuff that makes a big difference'

An Observation by Bud Press
January 31, 2007

While watching Benny Hinn's January 26, 2007 This Is Your Day telecast (
Archive Shows, London, England), I couldn't help but notice the small stuff, which can be easily overlooked during the emotional drama of Hinn's "healing" crusades.

At 5min-57sec into the telecast, the first person shown to claim a healing was a woman who had suffered from multiple injuries during an auto accident. As the woman stood on-stage with Benny Hinn, she explained that her injuries were to her back, neck, head, and shoulder. Also, the woman said she had suffered from arthritis for the last 14 years, resulting in the loss of use of her shoulder for the past year.

The woman's husband, who accompianied her on the stage, also suffered from arthritis, and had been under the care of chiropractors.

Benny Hinn placed his hands on the pair and they fell backwards, into the arms of Hinn's body-catchers, of course.

At 7min-20sec into the telecast, two women walked onto the stage side-by-side. One woman, in particular, suffered from arthritis in her shoulder, and believed God had healed her. Hinn placed his hands on both of the women, and they fell backwards into the waiting arms of Hinn's body-catchers.

At 9min-19sec into the telecast, a woman who had suffered from eye problems; "fluttering" and "swelling" of the eyes for five years, came on stage to claim her healing. Hinn walked past the woman and introduced Pastor Zach from Orlando, Florida, then laid hands on the woman and gave praise to to Jesus.