Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ok, then, I'm a Fundamentalist ~ The Enemy of the 21st Century and the New Church Order

"There it is…the new "f" word representing all that is terrible and wrong within the church. It's Fundamentalism. Just saying the word in the New Church Order* in America today is probably far worse than blurting out the old "f" word…which they might tolerate much better.
In an e-mail recently received from Deborah Dombrowski's
Lighthouse Trails Research Project, I was discouraged to see Rick Warren criticizing 'fundamentalism' again. The quote from the Philadelphia Enquirer article reads as follows:

"Warren predicts that fundamentalism, of all varieties, will be 'one of the big enemies of the 21st century.' "Muslim fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism, secular fundamentalism - they're all motivated by fear. Fear of each other.'"1

Seems that Rick Warren is peddling a bit of fear himself. Just what does he need to fear from Christian fundamentalism? Why does he feel the need to identify Muslim fundamentalism with Christian fundamentalism? They are not the same. Far more than mere implication, Warren seems to lump fundamentalists all together to imply that Christian fundamentalism is just as bad as Muslim fundamentalism. And we all know the fruits of Muslim fundamentalism…terrorism, murder, fighting, war, and such.

This is not the first time that Rick Warren has addressed Christian fundamentalists…
"Today there really aren't that many Fundamentalists left; I don't know if you know that or not, but they are such a minority; there aren't that many Fundamentalists left in America."

If so few Christian fundamentalists exist, how can they possibly...:

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