Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let the Fire Fall: Gifts of Charismatic Prayer

The following article with commnetary below is from the Understand The Times International E-Update.
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Concurrent to the rise of secularism and cultural deformation in the 1960s was an outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the Catholic Church giving birth to what is known as the Charismatic Renewal. The movement within the Church is often associated with many of the extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit such as praying in tongues, prophecy and healing. Although the renewal is characterized with the inclusion of these gifts, it does not necessarily define the movement.

The stirring up of the Holy Spirit, which directly initiated the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church, occurred on the campus of Duquesne University in 1967. Students and faculty who were on retreat one weekend, simultaneously felt called in the middle of the night to enter the chapel and they began praising and worshiping. The Holy Spirit unleashed His gifts that night in a profound way. The greater awareness of the Holy Spirit and the new movement quickly spread throughout the nation and to different countries around the world.

Due to the fact that those who experience the gifts are not in full control, people must constantly discern the gifts. It must always “flow from God’s love. Love must be the motivating thing,” said Riggins. Another important factor is that it must not ever be contrary to the teachings of the Church. The Holy Spirit will never oppose its Church, nor will the gifts of the Holy Spirit ever divide the Church. “The Holy Spirit is a spirit of unity,” said Riggins. Also included in the discernment process is looking at the fruits, which the gifts bear. Among peace and joy, the movement should bring one to a deeper relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist, a greater devotion to the Blessed Mother and a more profound love for the Church and the Holy Father.

Comment from Understand The Times
For some time, Understand The Times has been attempting to warn Christians about an "ecumenical bridge" that is being established between the Roman Catholic faith and many charismatic evangelical "Protestant" believers. The bridge that is being constructed relates to a common belief in the term "Holy Spirit."

However, as the following article that we are highlighting points out, the Roman Catholic Holy "spirit" represented by a dove, has very different attributes than the Holy Spirit that is mentioned in the Bible. According to the article, the Roman Catholic Holy "spirit" "bring(s) one to a deeper relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist, a greater devotion to the Blessed Mother and a more profound love for the Church and the Holy Father".

The Bible does not support this Roman Catholic perspective of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, according to the Bible, points people to Jesus alone and the finished work of the cross - nothing about "Jesus in the Eucharist", nothing about "a greater devotion to the Blessed Mother", nothing about "a more profound love for the Church" (Roman Catholic Church), and nothing about a "more profound love for the Holy Father".

In the future, as ecumenism and apostasy abounds, unsuspecting Christians who are driven by experience as their measure of faith, will be drawn to the Roman Catholic Eucharistic Jesus by the signs and wonders that will be manifest in appearances of this "Jesus" in the Eucharist. Further, when messages from an apparitional woman claiming to be "Mary" the mother of Jesus (this woman is the Queen of Heaven and clearly not the mother of Jesus) direct the faithful to her son (The Jesus in the Eucharist), those who are convinced that the Roman Catholic Holy spirit is the Holy Spirit of the Bible, will also be persuaded.

We are living in very important days - the Bible calls the Last Days.

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