Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dalai Lama's All Smiles as He Receives Congressional Gold Medal

Commentary by Roger Oakland at Understand The Times International

October 17 - Dalai Lama's All Smiles as He Receives Congressional Gold Medal

Understand The Times sends out news alerts to inform our newsletter recipients about current events that line up Bible Prophecy. This news alert is somewhat different. Today I experienced a news event first hand while in Washington D.C. Then I had one of my researchers find the news event online to post as an alert.


I am writing this from the Washington Dulles Airport on my way to London, England. I had a one day layover in Washington, spending some time with my wife Myrna while she was attending a work related conference. This morning I went with a friend to see the Smithsonian museum located at the Washington Mall. While there we walked towards the House of Congress where a large crowd was assembling. When I asked a security guard what was going on I was told that the Dalai Lama was soon to appear following a presentation of a Congressional award.


The sound of Tibetan chanting and whaling over the loud speakers confirmed that a ceremony was about to take place. A large sign posted the following message: "There can be no world peace without first obtaining inner peace."


While the secular media would never report what I am about to state, my perception is that this event has paramount significance in the spiritual realm. Last week a so - called "born-again" President stated that all religions pray to the same God. This week in front of the United States House of Congress, Tibetan monks were chanting to the gods and a "man of peace" who some say is God was being honored.


America is on the precipice of an unprecedented disaster and a spiritual judgment. A country supposedly founded on Christian principles has now openly abandoned the God of the Bible and is headed towards Babylonism. 


Worse yet, people who profess to be "born-again" Christians, don't understand the significance of what is happening from a biblical perspective. The world is being prepared for a false peace and a false Christ. The Roman Catholic Church will soon have the solution to bring about this peace plan that will be ushered in by the Queen of Peace ("Mary") and her son the (Eucharistic Christ).  It is amazing when governments of the world begin to bring this about.



President Bush and the leaders of Congress put aside their differences Wednesday to bestow the nation's highest civilian honor upon the Dalai Lama, calling the exiled Tibetan religious leader a "warrior for peace."

The Dalai Lama said he was "deeply touched" by his receipt of the Congressional Gold Medal, which he received in an ornate ceremony under the U.S. Capitol dome - but not before having a hearty laugh over his inability to speak perfect English.

"It is a great honor for me to receive the Congressional Gold Medal. This ... will bring tremendous joy and encouragement to the Tibetan people, for whom I have a special responsibility," the Dalai Lama said, reading from his prepared remarks.