Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Emerging Church: Another Road to Rome

The Emerging Church: Another Road to Rome
by Roger Oakland

The Emerging Church controversy continues to explode. Perhaps the best way to describe the Emerging Church phenomenon is to compare it to an avalanche. Every day more and more information is being made available regarding what the Emerging Church is and where it may be headed.

The Emerging Church
It is not my purpose in writing this commentary to define every aspect of the Emerging Church. In fact it would require several volumes to do so. Even then, some would say that the Emerging Church was not defined properly.

The common denominator being promoted is the idea that the time has come for Christianity to be reinvented for our generation. In order to do so, the church must provide the environment and the experiences to attract people. Christianity, the Emerging Church promoters say, must become relevant to our postmodern generation. No longer does reason or God’s Word hold the answers to life’s questions. Experience must become the key factor to encounter spiritual reality.
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